Wednesday, May 03, 2006

TAG Lab on Evening Hours

Hey group, starting May 1, the lab's hours are changing:

Mondays______4 pm-9 pm
Tuesdays_____4 pm-7 pm
Wednesdays___4 pm-9 pm
Thursdays____4 pm-9 pm
Saturdays____noon-5 pm

Closed Fridays and Sundays

Contact us at to let us know if this schedule suits
you better, and if there are any other changes you would like to see.

Ken Roskos
TAG Computer Lab


moi said...

After years of "raging against the machine," I have discovered a talent and a fondness within myself for producing art on the computer. I have developed a taste for watching some of the digital shows, such as Jimmy Neutron, and even some of the cute Flash offerings like the one about the Home for Imaginary Friends. Yet I look at alot of other computer animation today and find a certain lack of cohesiveness between the elements on the screen. I think that the very people who were displaced by the computer, who resent the machine, could bring their years of expertise to the genre and improve it. The computer is a blessing and a curse because it enables people without experience and even without talent to create a finished work.

Ken Roskos said...

Hello moi, your comment says quite alot. Automation has kicked many artists and craftspeople out on the street. Using a computer to create animation does raise the bar as to the question about who should be "allowed" to use it. But don't condemn the computer, it's only a tool. Cast a sterner gaze on the people who own the studios, cable networks, and soon, the internet. They control what goes into the viewers eyes and ears.