Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mac vs. PC

And the debate rages on! Not sure where I found this poster, I want to give the artist credit. Is it Reece Ward? Get the T-Shirt!

Speaking of rage...

Personally, for software like Maya, and just crunching data, you can't beat a PC for value and ease of purchase. Why buy a Mercedes when a good, basic pickup truck will do? And I still can't explain to Mac users how frustrating it is when you accidentally click off a window, say Photoshop, and the OS X menus take over. PC users will click and click and click at the OS X for the Photoshop menus they were using while their Photoshop image just sits there. It drives us crazy!

A Mac user will say, "Oh, just click on your Photoshop window." Fine. That fixes everything. I say the Photoshop, or the menus of whatever software you are using, should just stay visible, the way it does on a PC. Mac users just seem to be used to this game of hide and seek.

A fish doesn't know that it is wet, I guess. Yes, and the Macs don't get viruses... yet.

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