Friday, October 17, 2014

Jet Puffin development

Actually did this during last Christmas and New Years.

Here's Jet Puffin again... 

I'm in love with this character. She lives in the universe of my Over the Mountain comic, but she's way too sexy to have around all the time.

She also goes by the name "Boffette" which is my female version of the term "boffin". Boffin is British slang for scientist or technician. (Her real name is Jeanette.) She has an armored power suit similar to Iron Man, but her approach is a more defensive attitude when confronting an enemy. Most of the time.

Jet Puffin would be a romantic interest for Herman Bear all right, but they would also be scientific rivals as well. Herman Bear is a naturalist at heart, and the cosmic forces Boffette tries to harness seem unnecessary... and too dangerous to him.

Boffette likes Herman, but sees the bear as a chauvinistic meddler who thinks women can't develop advanced technology, and handle great power. Point of friction I would think.

I've scribbling a story on this all year, let's see what happens...

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