Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Heartbeat Heartbleed Bug

First XP bites the dust, now this-

Addition: Here is a list of sites listed by Steve Dyer, head of Woodbury University's IT department-

1. Not vulnerable.
2. Not vulnerable.
3. Not vulnerable.
4. Not vulnerable.
5. Was vulnerable. Yahoo Mail was vulnerable to attack but has since announced that it has been patched, along with other main Yahoo sites such as Yahoo Search, Finance, Sports, Flickr and Tumblr.
6. Not vulnerable.
7. No SSL.
8. No SSL.
9. Not vulnerable.
10. Not vulnerable.
11. No SSL.
12. Not vulnerable.
13. Not vulnerable.
14. Not vulnerable.
15. No SSL.
16. No SSL.
17. Not vulnerable.
18. Not vulnerable.
19. Was vulnerable. Tumblr was vulnerable to attack, but Yahoo has since announced that it has been patched.
20. Not vulnerable.
21. Not vulnerable.
22. Not vulnerable.
23. No SSL.
24. Not vulnerable.
25. No SSL.

The end of Windows XP

Windows XP has been a good trooper, kind of like your first car, or your favorite pair of sneakers. Trouble is, your old car, favorite sneakers and operating system are worn out, and may not be safe to get around in anymore.

Many users here and abroad are still hanging on, and they are trying to stay afloat on a leaky boat.

Others say to move on. At any rate, back up your files, and don't use XP for important online work.

I may take my old laptop up to Win 7, maybe that will give it a boost. But that's a rainy day project for later.

Stay safe folks. Good luck to us all.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Rio 2

Some great looking development on "Rio 2"

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Digital Village Radio on KPFK

Check out Digital Village on KPFK.

Even though they hardly discuss animation, this show is a good source of info regarding how people and technology can work together.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ernest and Célestine - Prejudice is Manufactured

Finally saw Ernest and Celestine. I can't say I loved it completely, but it was still a good team production from France, Belgium and Luxembourg. I had been feeling run down from work, but Ernest and Celestine had already left the Valley/LA area. I had to drive down to Long Beach to see it, but it was worth it. The version I caught was in English. Oh yes, spoiler alert for folks who haven't seen it yet.

(Artwork copyright-)

In their world, mice fear being eaten by bears. Lauren Bacall  lends her voice to "The Grey One", the elderly matron mouse who runs the orphanage where Celestine lives. "The Grey One" reinforces their fears by telling the mouse children horror stories about the bears. In their initial meeting, Ernest attempts to eat Celestine, but only because Ernest is literally the starving artist. I think. Celestine brings Ernest back in line with a quick smack on the nose, sort of the way Dorothy did with the Cowardly Lion.

My feeling is that their prejudices are manufactured: Bears are portrayed as voracious monsters, and mice are shown to be greedy little parasites that would run amok. This seems to benefit the bears who dominate the surface, but the mice seem to be trapped underground. This obviously gives control to the leaders on both sides, and keeps each population subdued. After being underground all her life, Celestine is struck by the beauty of the surface world after the snow finally melts.

I like the matter of fact way in which one bear father runs a candy store, and his wife runs a "tooth boutique" across the street. Creative destruction is good for business it seems. However, the bear couple forbid their cub from eating candy. They have a little racket going, and they don't want their son being one of their victims. Strangely enough, getting new teeth is just like buying a new flash drive for the bears. Just plugin and go!

The emphasis on the mice children gathering teeth from the bears left me squirming in my chair a bit. The mice need replacement teeth, since chewing and gnawing is the only way to build and maintain their infrastructure. Dentistry is big business, and William H. Macy did a sublimely insidious job as the voice of the head dentist in the English dub. Most mice children are expected to become dentists, since so much of their population spend a lot of time in the chair!

I did like the open line, freehand artwork and the watercolor art style. All the animation was done on Cintiqs with good old Flash. With all the expensive overhead, and dependance on cutting edge technology and software, the production of Ernest and Célestine is a refreshing return to what makes us love animation. They still used current technology, but the story, design, color and character  animation make Ernest et Célestine a nice little gem.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bob Hope Burbank Airport project 2014

(Photo copyright LA Times/UCLA Archive, used for editorial purposes only)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

VFX Workers protest at Oscars 2014

After the "Life of Pi"/Rhythm and Hues fallout last year, the strife goes on...

                        ("Modern Times" copyright Roy Export SAS)

Of course, the police are concerned with any potential outbreaks of violence. As though a bunch of computer art geeks are going to cause another L.A. riot...

Undercutting to get film deals, and maybe due to not developing original properties? And the "big" studios squeezing every penny they can to get those blockbusters...