Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wander over yonder

Now this looks like fun! Wander over Yonder reminds me of Tom Terrific done in a Quisp cereal style, with a little BraveStarr thrown in. The star on Wander's hat made me think he was some type of marshall, but I guess he's just the opposite. I like the magic setting of going from planet to planet, looking for adventure. And a spot for the perfect picnic.

Looks like the Disney Channel is getting a boost now that Craig McCracken has left Cartoon Network. McCracken is the creator and executive producer of the show. McCracken had created the Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends for CN. It's not so much about the studio name anymore, but where the top talent goes

I like the contrast between Wander, who is joyful and fun loving, and his dino-horse-girl pal Sylvia. Sylvia is the first cute female character (that I've seen) who likes a good scrap and seems to go looking for trouble. Their voices are performed by Jack McBrayer as Wander, and April Winchell as Sylvia. It turns out April is the daughter of famous ventriloquist Paul Winchell.

                          (Artwork copyright Disney Channel)

A friend at the Animation Guild tipped me off about this show. It takes me back to my old back to school days, and my anticipation of the new fall TV line up. Especially for the new Saturday morning cartoons. I've been watching the previews on YouTube over and over again already.

And the primary villain is named Lord Hater. Hater? That's pretty bold for a kid's show. I hope there will be more for the adults. "Yes, Lord Vader, I mean Hater." Huh?

Hey, the show has some spunk. It's been missing in animation for a long time. I hope this succeeds.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Andrew McAfee - Race Against the Machine

 Race Against the Machine by Andrew McAfee: Does technology put people out of work? As far as animation goes, studios seem to favor certain techniques and media output. But then, many of the old hand/eye jobs were sent overseas, and then made obsolete. Older artists trying to make their quota of drawings were unable to find the time to learn the new technologies. Younger, lower paid artists were brought in to take their places. Imho.