Friday, November 27, 2009

Bear Airship Comic

Since it's the day after Thanksgiving, (or "stanksgiving" as someone on Facebook said)

And since everyone is bloated, right?

My thoughts turned back to my bear's airship. Yeah, blimps aren't practical since they can't travel far, can't travel fast and strong winds can destroy them.


They do have a longer "loitering" time than an airplane does, and they stay airborne after an EM pulse. Plus Herman would have some kind of techno-magic to get the ship to do impossible things...

Did a little research, the issue seems to be the wind resistance created by such a large, broad volume moving against the atmosphere. I came up with the "vortex Drive" that would create a partial vacuum in front of the ship, and therefore drag it forward.

Sort of like the warp drive on the Enterprise...

This is an old sketch of the airship Utopia in its hangar after Herman (and Professor Behrman) have finished it. They live in a more magic world, but there has to be some believability in its mechanics.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Creative Talent Network Animation Expo

...has left the building. It was fun, met some cool people, and even a few old friends...


How do we help animation people get back to work?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Animation on the Moon...

Personally, I don't believe they'll find enough water on the moon to sustain a human colony. Plus the effort and the cost...You get the idea. Some scientists say the human race may go extinct if we don't move on to other worlds; that's in case there is some catastrophe on Earth. But MAYBE if we stopped trying to destroy each other...we could build resilient living areas and preserve what's left of our natural resources that will help us survive...Not just survive, but live more meaningfully.

Been awhile since I posted...Setting up for the CTN Expo took more out of me than I thought. Next time I'll get more help to lug our stuff.

And I missed the Moon. My favorite stellar object. Magic and energy seem to disappear when she's gone. Maybe set up a studio there?