Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Please use the Animation Guild computer Lab!

Please help us improve the Animation Guild computer Lab by responding to some of the questions below:

What hours would serve you best? ___________________________________________________
Would an additional Sunday afternoon or perhaps a Friday session help? _____________

What other software packages do you prefer or would like to try? ___________________
(The lab is equipped with Photoshop, Flash, and Mirage storyboard software, Maya, After Effects and Shake. Plus there is a high speed internet connection on a Mac G5.)

What further special guest lectures and demonstrations would you like to see? ______
(In the past we have had experienced Photoshop, Flash and Maya users share their knowledge and experience.)

Are there any other areas of animation training the lab could assist you with? ______
Such as video games, internet and technologies yet to come? _________________________


The Mirage digital storyboard class taught by Rusty Mills is very much in demand, and the lab administrator, Ken Roskos is on hand to assist with Maya, Photoshop and other computer animation software problems.

We can offer genuine human interaction and support in a a no-pressure, non committal situation. If you are not satisfied by a book or surfing the net alone. If we can’t find the answers, we’ll try help you find someone who can.

Please contact us at lab@animationguild.org, or call 818-766-7151 for any software questions or computer animation issues, and the open lab hours are FREE to Guild members active or inactive in good standing. Any feedback on lab hours or subject matter would be most welcome!

And please mention the lab to Guild members you know who don’t have access to a computer, or have been unsure about entering the digital animation world.

Many thanks!

Ken Roskos
Lab Admin

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mars Rover Short Film link

Check out our film on this link:


Unibot's New Head

Actually he's had it for awhile. Check out the nifty pneumatic lift cylinders that allow him to talk. Kind of looks like a pie? (The previous head looked like an old radio. Our director had me change it.) I think I did the texturing on the head; his eyes have lights with shaders. Gibran Jimenez did most of the modeling and texturing for the Unibot. Its been a long project.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Survived "E3"

Lots of Thud and Blunder, and plenty of swag, will try to upload some pictures.

Some of the designs for the games are quite cool, are games like movies that you can control?
Nothing overtly gory or sexually lude, but the no one under 18 years old rule still holds.

No holodecks yet...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Homepage

Will be updating this site from time to time, hope to get more animation on it


TAG Lab on Evening Hours

Hey group, starting May 1, the lab's hours are changing:

Mondays______4 pm-9 pm
Tuesdays_____4 pm-7 pm
Wednesdays___4 pm-9 pm
Thursdays____4 pm-9 pm
Saturdays____noon-5 pm

Closed Fridays and Sundays

Contact us at lab@animationguild.org to let us know if this schedule suits
you better, and if there are any other changes you would like to see.

Ken Roskos
TAG Computer Lab