Friday, February 20, 2015

Poppy O' Possum - Fazzi

Hello blog, haven't had a chance to post this winter. This foggy morning looks like my chance.
I found this webcomic last year from a link on Commander Kitty:

 (art copyright Ian Everett)

Fazzi seems to be some sort of enforcer for an organized crime group. Her power allows her to bend people and things at perfect right angles. Very painful, if you get on her bad side. Fazzi is tall, aloof, and intimidating, even though she is a sheep. Her power seems to affect part of her body, her left horn is bent at a right angle, and her voice is modulated in an eerie "square wave pattern".

Poppy O' Possum is definitely different, wigged out, but in a cool way. I'm still trying to figure out how their society works, and how the rules of their magic functions. Ian Everett is cranking out some pretty original work, with characters that live in their own unique culture.

Happy New Year of the Sheep, or Ram!