Saturday, August 12, 2006

Pencil Test Animation

Here's some work I did at 1on1animation this spring. Still needs more work. But I owe this success to MIKE POLVANI. Have a look!

1 on 1 animation


Victor Ens said...

Hey, I'm glad I found your Blog. Really very nice Pencil Test, I hope there'll be more of 'em.
All the best

Ken Roskos said...

Thank you! Your work is incredible. Is hand drawn animation having more success in Germany?
Thanks again.

Victor Ens said...

Thank you too :o)
Well, handdrawn animation in Germany has actually become rare. I know there is one project in work right now called "dodo". It's about a little oran utan that finds a violin one day(
They offered me a job as an animator again, but I refused this time. The duration is only 6 months for this one.
The first project I worked on was "Lauras Star" (13 months), the second "The little polarbear II" (8 months).
It's because they send more and more to hungary or else where, where the costs are lower.