Monday, February 02, 2009

Theme for student project; idea

Here's a quick sketch I colored in Photoshop, just to give you my impression of a style and a "look" for the Woodbury student Maya projects.

Silly, but it sets a direction. Yours can be more whimsical, or more serious.

Its up to you, you look like you have settled on a style, now you need to develop it soon.

I'll help you with any Maya questions you may have.

Ken Roskos


Brittany Herrera said...

Hi Ken

When I decided to pick a mountaintop as my environment, I did keep in mind ideas about what kind of characters my environment could have. i was thinking children playing in the snow (building snowmen, snow angles, sleding, snow ball fights, etc)

Also Audri had mentioned that it would be hard to do just snow; maybe if i added some architectual things, so i was also thinking of adding a cabin, ski lifts, and maybe even a frozen pond. still in thinking process though.

Anonymous said...

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