Saturday, May 09, 2009

Being useful...

I found this at

Its the cover of a Little Golden Book my Grandparents kept at their house when we came over to visit. It got thrown in the toybox, and eventually disappeared. The story was about how Felix the Cat visited a farm, and how he was having trouble fitting in. He finally became the Medico for the farm animals when he found out he couldn't give milk or pull a plow.

I hope my services to my fellow artists at the Animation Guild Computer Lab and Woodbury University are a useful in a similar way.

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Ken Hecker said...

I came across a web site for a company who has the rights to Felix images and sells Felix items. The guy didn't seem to even know that there was a car dealership (in business since the 20's I believe) that uses the Felix image and name, and when I mentioned that I bought a great graphic (bought on Olvera Street) of Felix as a tagger with a hot rod that obviously was made out of his bag of tricks, the guy never responded. He did know that a model of Felix was the first thing broadcast over a distance by that new-fangled contraption - television.

I'll never forget the one great line in a Felix cartoon, when he's trying to deal with a beach chair with a mind of its own, and he says he "wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole - fortunately I have an eleven foot pole."

Ken Hecker