Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Edinboro University Animation at CTN Expo 2012

Edinboro was at the CTN Expo this year. I had been feeling nostalgic for the old campus last year, but could never find the time or the wheels to get out there when I visited NE Ohio.
Instructor Michael Genz was there; he had moved to Edinboro back in the '90's I believe; had a nice chat with him about the program, and the snow:) Doucette Hall is still the heart of the animation and graphics departments. It even looks like the old cafeteria is still there too.
Anyway, my department chair Dori from Woodbury let me know Edinboro was there. I saw my name on their banner of Distinguished Alumni quite a few times. It gave me a nice boost after feeling worn out from CTN. For modesty's sake, I only posted one close up shot of my name with Warner Bros. and Woodbury; two of my best achievements. Nice to be listed with Bill Waldman from Warner Bros. and Dave Filoni from King of the Hill. (I only did some freelance for Tom T Productions.) Some people say my head was swelled up enough after that;)

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