Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Bad Guy

Monday was a rough day. News about the attack in Boston, and just finding out about the white ribbon campaign just leaves me more staggered about life, and what our responsibilities are toward each other.


Conflict is a part of life. But we have to decide on how big the repercussions will be if we lash out. Individuals and governments can lash out blindly, or they can proceed in a destructive manner with some high degrees of premeditation. To me, it's how big of a mess do we leave behind for someone else.

Here we go again. As a storyteller, I'm still fascinated by the cute character in jeopardy. Good stories need bad guys, and we get a thrill watching them carry out their dirty deeds. As long as they are confined to a screen, or on the pages of a book or comic. We even had the "noble villain" in Leader Desslok from Starblazers. They see themselves as the heroes.


I liked the ironic twist to the villain Darla Dimple in "Cats don't Dance".

L.B. Mammoth: Ah, the recipe for a Darla Dimple movie. Begin with one part adorable character in jeopardy.
[inside the soundstage, Darla has tied up Pudge]


It takes only one, or a handful of crazed or enraged people to blow us all to Hell. Stopping their plots takes work, time and insight. But I don't want a police state either. I want to trust people. I don't have a good answer. And we always seem to have the time, people and resources to bust heads afterwards.

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