Monday, December 16, 2013

O Apóstolo

Got to see a private screening of the independent stop motion film O Apóstolo in the Linwood Dunn Theater at the Academy's Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study. Pretty swanky, and I saw a couple of familiar faces at this last minute screening. Good, solid stop motion, and well made, handmade moving graphics for the flashback sequence. Just the thing for a Friday the 13th!

"A convict who escapes from jail takes off to a remote village to recover an old loot that was hidden years earlier. But what he finds there instead involves him in a fate much worse than his prison sentence. Sinister old people, odd disappearances, spirits, a strange parish priest, and even the archpriest of Santiago de Compostela meet in a tale full of mystery, humor, and fantasy."

I was impressed by the work, and taken in by the story. Good to see something fresh, and see a film that's not winking at the camera. Suspenseful, and O Apóstolo has some pretty creepy designs. In an effective way I mean. Executive Producer Isabel Rey Sastre was there to present the film, and even let me hold one of the figures.

The puppet had an amazing armature made by the Belgium company Pedri Animation. I think it was cast in silicon, and the face and jaw were very malleable for some good, creepy expressions.

Filmed in Spain, and I understand that most of the funding was from crowd sourcing. They were also filming it in stereo-optic for 3D, but the budget would not allow it.,0,6372943.story#axzz2ngeFRmHB

O Apóstolo is up for Oscar consideration. I hope they make it.

Links courtesy of the Animation Guild

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