Sunday, September 07, 2014

Internet Slowdown Weds. Sept. 10th

On Wednesday, September 10th, some websites will have the slowly turning "Wheel of Death" to give us a taste of what a two tiered, pay to play internet would look like.

Okay, I'm putting my cards on the table. Without net neutrality, the world wide web will end up like cable TV. Overpriced and useless. Another intrusive, domineering force trying to sell us junk.

In short, the big guys would get the fast lanes, while the rest of us will have to wait... And wait.
And perhaps, even be censored by an even bigger "Big Brother".

Keep emailing FCC chairman Tom Wheeler and President Obama to keep a free and open internet.

Plus, the ads get slowed down. That makes us wait, and it makes the advertisers look worse. 

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