Monday, June 10, 2019


The CGMA, the  Computer Graphics Master Academy, had their seminars and gallery exhibit at the Animation Guild's Gallery 839 on Saturday June 8th 2019.

(copyright Computer Graphics Master Academy)

Will get updates on art photos asap

UPDATE: Here's a brief rundown on the instructors:

Mike Hill

Art Direction, Design Consultant, Mike Hill Design

 Mike has designed work for film, TV and video games.  His film credits include Blade Runner 2049, HBO’s Game of Thrones, the upcoming Halo TV series and Dune feature film.

Dean Gordon

Art Director / Sony Pictures Animation

Dean is a veteran of the Walt Disney Animation Studios working as as an art director and background supervisor. But his most recent work as art director comes from Sony Pictures Animation's feature film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” Nuff said!

Khang Le

Ceo and Game Director, Dreamlit Entertainment

Khang has developed game titles such as Project Offset, Hawken and Dreamlit Entertainment’s most recent announcement of TOWERS. Khang's other film and game credits include Star Wars the Last Jedi, Rouge One, Ready Player One, The Black Panther, The Dark Crystal, Age of Resistance, Issac Asimov’s Foundation and Monster House.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

3D Modeling and Animation Group on Facebook

Very informative group on Facebook:

Discord - the Uber/Facebook/Kickstarter of Animation?

The next big change in animation?
The future of animation?
Meet Discord - the Uber/Facebook/Kickstarter of Animation

While designed as an online app for gamers, I met a student who was doing animation for the new animated TV project "Hazbin Hotel". It looks like it's being funded and managed through this system. I didn't ask, out of manners, how they were being paid. I'm wondering if this could sidestep the entire current studio system. I'm just concerned that labor is being managed this way.
 (Caution - adult themed material)

Here's my animation history rant in a nutshell:

 First, the Zoetrope invented by William E. Lincoln,
Next, animation drawn with pencil and paper, shot on black and white film,
Then acetate cels, shot in color,
Next, animated features,
Multiplane cameras,
TV limited animation,
Then came the first computer animation made with old military technology,
Soon, video games,
The internet and world wide web,
Next animated features Tron, Toy Story,
Massive layoffs of traditional artists - "Learn Maya"
Virtual reality and Augmented Reality
Games and animation for smartphones,
Plus, streaming new media.

And now, Discord.

Not that Discord!

Are you ready for what's next?

Saturday, April 13, 2019

STAR WARS Episode 9: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Trailer (2019)

Not to be left out...
(copyright LucasFilm/Disney)