Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Pixar - Exorcist mashup: The Pixarcist

Okay, I had to goof off, and blow off a little steam, especially after seeing that "Pixar Fest" is coming to Disneyland. Surprised no one else has thought of this!

With apologies to director William Friedkin,
and writer William Peter Blatty.

(copyright Pixar and Warner Bros.)

And of course, apologies to Ed Catmull, John Lasseter and Steve Jobs.
And I forgot about Woody doing the head turn thing!

Monday, April 16, 2018

The First Cintiq

(The first Cintiq from 2001?)
An issue came up where no one could recall exactly when the first Cintiq appeared on the scene. After some digging, this PC Magazine article from January 15, 2002 sings the praises of the new device as a practical drawing tablet where the artist actually can see their art directly on the tablet.,2817,1172347,00.asp

 So I'm assuming this 15 inch unit with 512 levels of sensitivity came out in 2001. It's more of a trivial pursuit, but if anyone has an earlier sighting of a video drawing tablet, please let me know here. Technology changes so fast, and in my job I need to keep track of this.

Here's Wacom's new Cintiq 21from February 18, 2005. 

The Mobile Studio Pro is pretty awesome! 

Sunday, April 08, 2018

USC's end of the year show - First Frame - 2018

 Phenomenal student work from USC's animation department! A bit chopped up so the viewer only gets a tiny taste of each project, but worth further investigation. Try the Vimeo link below if the embedded video is still blocked.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Animation Artists - Sexual Harassment

Hello, I'm still working on changing the direction of this blog, so that it presents relevant material regarding the animation business, and general artistic training. While I'm trying to steer away from trivia and doodles, there have been major shifts in our business, and society in general that need some commentary here.

(copyright Jen Sorensen)

John Kricfalusi is the latest animation mogul to be accused of sexual harassment. No more heroes anymore? After the accusations against John Lasseter and some other animation heavy hitters, most studio employees may still be in the dark about what the boss does behind closed doors. Go along to get along, to hold on to a cool animation job, sure. But I still hold the people in the know responsible, especially those in management. How can the victims be compensated, if that was even possible?

Yeah, it's Hollywood, and "dirty deeds happen all the time".
But I can never look at my favorite animated films the same way again.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

CGI Dreamworks Animation Studio Pipeline

Hello group, 2018 has been off to a rough start for me, and I'm behind as far as re-purposing this blog for education, and updates on animation technology in general. DreamWorks has been kind enough to put together a presentation on the CG pipeline for us. Enjoy!

Friday, December 01, 2017

Net Neutrality

Ready to spend more, and enjoy it less?

Contact your senators and congresspeople

and the good folks at the FCC.;; mike.o'

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Wild Wild West Star Trek Mashup

Surprised on one has come up with this yet.

(original copyright CBS)

With apologies to Robert Conrad, Ross Martin and Gene Roddenberry.