Tuesday, November 26, 2013

President Obama visit at Dreamworks

Well, the momentum from Big Money seems unstoppable. The GOP and "tea-party" members will probably howl about "Hollywood liberals", but they all seem to be in Wall Street's hip pocket.




Okay, I know I'm being a lunkhead, but my "visual commentary" has to be part of our freedom of speech. I say that President Obama, or any presidential candidate has to put on the "Golden Handcuffs" before he or she can put a hand on that Bible. And then nothing seems to change. The Military, Banks, Wall Street and the Media has an incredible amount of momentum, and it takes time and a horrendous amount of energy to force it to change course. (That's Donkey's silhouette by the way; all art copyright Dreamworks SKG and the U.S. "Gummint")

I'm not against a business or studio succeeding, especially with the distribution issues Dreamworks has had to face. But I still cite Henry Ford when he realized he had to make a product his employees could afford. Movie tickets cost too damn much, and bad writing leaves a lot of animation and visual effects on the digital cutting room floor. With the media monopolies, we are still clubbed over the head by virtual "Pinkerton Men", whether we are out on the sidewalks protesting or not.


UPDATE: This in from Cartoon Brew and Variety



Hollywood Reporter


UPDATE: I have to admit, it's the first time any President of the United States ever visited an animation studio. Cartoon Brew gave me that little tap on the shoulder. But I don't think it will have any effect on the job situation out here.


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