Thursday, November 07, 2013

Beany and Cecil - Rocky and Bullwinkle Saturday Morning Mashup

Okay, I haven't posted in awhile, and I needed to cause some mischief between Halloween and Thanksgiving: What if the classic Saturday morning teams of Rocky and Bullwinkle had to swap partners with Beany and Cecil? No, not that kind of swap! I was feeling nostalgic again, and wondered how much fun a team-up with Rocky and Cecil, and Beany and Bullwinkle would be in a 60's Saturday Morning Mashup. I've Googled this, and no one else seems to have done it before, so I went for broke.

(Artwork originally copyright of Bill Ward and Jay Scott, plus Bob Clampett!)

We basically still have young, plucky little guys with big, dumb but lovable buddies. Technically, I think it would work. Dishonest John would still get the better of Bullwinkle (until the end). And I'll bet Cecil would love to thrash Boris Badenov.

I did something like this with Johnny Socko and the Iron Giant last year. I think this would be fun:)

UPDATE: Bullwinkle DID team up with Beany Boy briefly on an ad for Thermos lunchboxes. Looks like the mid 1960's to me.

(courtesy of crypt of wrestling)

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