Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kubo and the Two Strings

(copyright Laika studios) It's mortals vs. the gods in Kubo and the Two Strings. An outcast boy whose music and stories that brings origami to life goes from hustling on the street to a real challenge when he learns more about his true origins.

Laika has got another winner here! The plot is a little vague at the beginning, but things are not what they seem, as Joseph Campbell might have once said, and that's good for the film. The stop motion is well done, almost looking like CG animation. Director Travis Knight and his crew didn't cut any corners on this film

The action, although theatrical, is intense, and I am still surprised (and annoyed) at parents bringing very small children in the cinema. Still, the story succeeds on concepts of being true to yourself, appreciating your parents, and your gifts.

Get a good seat! I'm looking forward to the Blue Ray already.


Tochukwu said...

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Ken Roskos said...

Hello Tochukwu, sorry for the delay. Thank you for the compliments. You are welcome to refer students to my blog. I ask that you acknowledge my copyright on my writing and my art if this blog is used for research. Most of it is for fun, but I try to offer insights into the animation business in Hollywood.


Ken R.