Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cute Stuff - Part IV - Adorable Dynamic Damsels look development

Here is some further ruff cleanup and color for the Adorable Dynamic Damsels-

And a 60's style color design.

More coloring in Photoshop

Someday I'll get this done. But beyond my personal satisfaction, I don't know if there is any market for these characters. Cubcake (the squirrel-girl) is sort of the team's hot-head, and has hit or miss magic powers. She is also the team gearhead and hot rod driver. Jet Puffin, with her power suit, has the genius of Tony Stark, but is more of the "mom" of the group. Lady Cobra is the real mystic of the group. She works as a librarian. Her coils are strong and dexterous enough to handle most of the volumes.

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