Sunday, September 08, 2013

Snail with Halo- More street poster Art around North Hollywood

And this cute little guy was put up on the old Camera Craft storefront on the corner of Vineland, Lankershim and Camarillo. All the art was drawn on large post office mailers. He's got these blanked out, swirly eyes and a halo over his head; is the artist saying this fella has croaked?

They were side by side on Camera Craft; here's a lighter one in light beige and tan, with no post office mailer surrounding it.

This looks like it would make a cool toy, or a nice stuffed animal. I guess the meaning is up to me. There is no other information on the web that I can find so far. There's a whole world to the street art poster movement that I'm just learning about. From what I've Googled, this art may be in several different cities, and could have come from the other side of the country. Or the world.

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